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Welcome to TCN’s English Corner!

This is the English Corner of SKH Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School.  We are located in Tin Wan on Aberdeen Harbour on the southern coastline of Hong Kong Island.


Our students have eight English lessons a week, with a large number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to choose from. We use curricula from Lighthouse, and our teachers have completed many hours of professional development in using the Lighthouse materials.

A revamp of the school-based curriculum took place in 2017 and will be completed by 2019. Our school-based curriculum is integrated with the use of textbooks and e-resources, such as e-reading platforms and educational websites. All e-resources help cater to learners’ diversity and promote self-directed learning. These resources are adopted for brushing up students’ grammar and the four macro skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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We have been part of the EdB NET Scheme for over ten years. (The Education and Manpower Bureau Native English-Speaking Teacher Scheme.) Our first NET, Mrs Morgan, was with us for ten years and was replaced by Miss Gould who was with us for four years. Our new NET, Mr Milbank, arrived in August 2017, and has previously taught on Lantau Island. His role is to assist teachers in learning different ways of teaching, to assist with curriculum development and to develop teaching resources for use by all teachers. He also teaches some lessons on drama and uses table-top games to facilitate students’ language acquisition by allowing them a fun and authentic setting to practice their social skills, and develop reading techniques using TRUGs (Teaching Reading Using Games). In addition, like all teachers at TCN, he runs extra-curricular activities for students throughout the year.